We love welcoming new volunteers to our family as well as caring for those who generously give of their time, gifts and talents.

We believe that to allow our volunteers and our friends in Brisbane & Ipswich to have the best evenings, we have chosen to keep our weekly volunteer numbers to no more than 12:

– To maximise the engagement and utilisation of the volunteers
– To not overwhelm the clients with large numbers of volunteers

The number includes an allowance of 2 leaders

As such we now have a weekly roster to ensure the best evenings for everyone. Please get in contact with us via the contact page to discover more.

Posted by Helping Hands Queensland on Wednesday, October 30, 2019
3 years ago
Ipswich Foodbarn

FREE FREE FRUIT AND VEGETABLES AVAILABLE NOW. Come down and help yourself bring bags/boxes. Hampers will start at 10am today.

3 years ago

We all just wanted to encourage you at this time. As we seek comfort from God and His Word, we wanted to share this beautiful verse with you. God bless you, love the team at Helping Hands Qld. ?

3 years ago
Pay A Sack Forward - PASF

♥️Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts Pay A Sack Forward - PASF!

These sacks are destined for our allied support agency Helping Hands Qld who will be distributing these on our behalf on the streets of Ipswich. These packages are becoming more and more in demand ... See more

3 years ago

If you’re looking for a novel way to support Helping Hands QLD, love pancakes and would love to meet some new people, the Leichhardt One Mile Community Centre is hosting a morning tea for us. ... See more

3 years ago

439 beautiful people following us here at Helping Hands Qld. ??

Thanks so much to everyone who supports us here. We appreciate every one of you.

If you have been thinking of volunteering, please ... See more

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